L119A2 Paint Jobs – Addendum

As seems to be the case when publishing articles about a subject, new information has come to light on elements the L119A2 paint jobs article.  Often the article provokes comments and discussion and a few more things are unearthed or information conveyed subsequently.

Taranis Picture Template - Narrow - L119A2 Paint 8 (Large)

It seems the coating I attributed to being ‘Cerakote’ in the article is probably FDE Duracoat, a coating which is not dissimilar, but does not seem to require baking in the same way.  It also seems the colour tone used in the mock up, which matched the reference image I had, was too dark, and true colour is closer to FDE than Coyote Brown.  All other elements of the article, including those on the Signals L119A2s, seem to be correct.

The original article has been revised, and a new visual substituted (See above), however I felt when changing some of the key details of an article after publication it was worth highlighting it.



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