This blog is intending to focus on the kit, gear, builds and impressions that I can write about myself or find to feature, rather than a vehicle for my own personality.  Everything will inevitably be shaped by my own experiences, opinions and tastes however, so I thought I may as well give a little information about myself.

I started airsofting properly in 2011, and started toward building impressions in 2013.  With usual Sunday skirmishes I play as part of Team Nuclear Waste, a team I founded alongside some mates, all great guys with lots of different takes on the hobby.

With more milsim/realism games I have started playing within E27, a callsign made up of guys into UKSF impressions from across the country.

My job is as a designer, and in terms of my kits and the gear I like, a love of good design shines through.

When writing about kit I will always be talking about it from an airsoft/milsim perspective, I wouldn’t presume to have enough knowledge to comment properly on its real world performance with the guys who do call stuff for us in dangerous places.  Please do get in touch on here, Facebook, or Instagram if you wish to chat of have any suggestions on topics to cover.

Where possible I use my own pictures, or those I have explicit permission to use, or in the case of reference pictures, those that are already in the public domain and circulated widely.  If however I use an image belonging to you and you wish it removed, please to contact me and I will be happy to remove it.