The Taranis Blog

This blog has been unashamedly inspired by a couple of other prominent airsoft blogs of which I am a fan.  I was interviewed for the S23 Gearmonkey 75 Blog and have written a couple of pieces which The Reptile House very kindly featured.

I very much enjoy writing about what myself and others are doing in the hobby, and felt I should start my own blog as an outlet for that.  In some ways, content of gear reviews, opinions and showcases will not be dissimilar to those blogs mentioned above, although I hope to put my own spin on things.  I also hope to include news and impression/build guides, written by myself and any others I can rope in.

Regarding the name, ‘Taranis’ is a Celtic storm/thunder god, and the statue above shows him holding a 6 spoked wheel, his symbol, and a lightning bolt.  I chose Taranis for a number of reasons, the use of a British mythological god is a riposte to the deluge of Spartan and Viking imagery in the hobby, cool as it is, I wanted something that ties in with my love of British kit.  The use of lightning bolts is also picking up on symbolism that features in some UKSF badges, and which we alluded to in the E27 callsign badge.  The 6 spoked wheel is also reminiscent of the radioactivity warning symbol, used in the badge of my skirmish team.

I’ll post up abit more about myself in the About Me section to let people know what I’m about.



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