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My article on my Marui NGRS Diemaco L119A1 on The Reptile House Blog…

The L119A1 represents a classic form factor. Simple, functional and well balanced. Each detail that differentiates a Diemaco from an M4 comes together to form a cohesive whole. Having built a G&P L119A1 several years ago, I’d planned for some time to step up a level. So, toward the end of 2013 I sprung […]

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My write up on Exercise Final Encore on The Reptile House Blog…

The Concept HTIS Exercise Final Encore was not an ‘Op’ in the same vein as most milsim events. It was alternatively conceptualised as a training event. In some ways it was inspired by the recent real public counter terror drills for military and blue-light services; most notable of these, London’s Operation Strong Tower and Greater […]

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Interview with the S23 Gearmonkey Blog…

Good Guys wear Black – an interview UKSF Impressionista with JW01 Long ago, already then mutual admirers of kits and gears, JW01 and I finally swapped messages over one the most liked photo’s way back on the original Mk I ‘Beer Mat’ giveaway … It was here, whilst already aware of his work I realized, […]

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