Factory Fresh: Surefire FA556SA Suppressor

An excellent and interesting write up on the suppressors being used by UKSF nowadays, a bit of news which really informs future builds. Something we didn’t know last week…

Thanks to TRH and RHW for sharing and authoring, respectively.


Words and pics: HRW

In my quest to clone the L119A1 and L119A2, I have been searching out the appropriate ancillaries used on these guns.

It has brought me into contact with some very interesting individuals in the firearms industry, which is allowing me to create clone rifles as if fresh from the factory. I am also finding out more about the vendors’ side of the supply chain for these weapons. As such I have adopted a different doctrine to most in the firearms and impression communities when it comes to cloning a rifle.

In this article, I am specifically referring to the Surefire suppressor (*see trivia note at the end) which is shipped for use with the Colt Canada L119A2. I hope to answer some of the questions we’ve all had about this most elusive item.

A lot of the parts used in the A2 are specific to…

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